Licensed Crown Forests

What is forest land under the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS)?

Under the ETS, forest land is defined as being at least 1 hectare with forest species that has, or is likely to have, tree crown cover with an average width of more than 30% on each hectare.

Forest species are trees capable of reaching five metres in height at maturity in the place that they are growing, excluding tree species grown primarily for the production of fruit and nut crops.

What is pre-1990 forest land?

Pre-1990 forest is land that was in forest on 31 December 1989 and remained in predominantly exotic forest on 31 December 2007. Indigenous forest is not subject to the rules of the ETS and therefore is not pre-1990 forest.

How many New Zealand Units (NZUs) are allocated to Crown forest licensed (CFL) land?

The Climate Change Response Act provided for 18 NZUs per hectare for eligible pre-1990 Crown Forest Licensed (CFL) land transferred on or after 1 January 2008.

The table below summarises the number of NZUs allocated to each of the 47 forests including the remaining 26 forests held on trust by FEUT. Each forest also shows a map of the eligible pre-1990 forest land for which the allocation of NZUs applies. This table is updated annually as the FEUT progresses through the allocation process.

The number of hectares of pre-1990 forest land for which the FEUT applied for NZUs is based on an independent analysis of eligible land undertaken by Indufor Asia Pacific.

Summary of forest areas and allocation