Managing NZUs allocated to CFL land

Where can I find the number of NZUs that are allocated to each CFL land?

A schedule of CFL land has been assembled. This schedule lists the area in each licence, MAF’s assessment of eligible pre-1990 forest area in hectares and as a percent of the total, the number of NZUs that MAF has allocated to each forest and the number of NZUs that have been distributed as a result of Treaty Settlements.

Upon notification of the final determination, MAF directed the Registrar of the NZEUR to transfer the allocation (NZUs) into the FEUT’s holding account.

The FEUT holds all the shapefiles, maps and NZUs that are allocated for each of the 47 CFL land. Some of this information is available to the public through the website.

How are distributions of NZUs managed?

At the time that each Deed of Settlement that includes CFL land is enacted, the FEUT is required to transfer the corresponding number of NZUs to the Holding Account of the post settlement governance entity that represents the confirmed beneficiaries. As part of this process there may be some aggregating or separation of the NZUs that apply to the particular CFL land to correspond with the actual forest land that forms part of the settlement.

All information on how the number of NZUs has been derived for each CFL land will be secured electronically and copies can be made available upon request to the confirmed beneficiary when the NZUs are distributed.

What happens to any NZUs that are not allocated?

Crown forest land that is not returned to Māori under a Waitangi Tribunal recommendation or Treaty Settlement legislation will no longer be subject to claims under the Crown Forest Assets Act 1989. The Crown will then be the unencumbered owner of that land and entitled to the NZUs held by the FEUT under s73 of the Climate Change Response Act 2002.