Licensed Crown Forests

View summary of forest area and allocationsWhat is forest land under the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS)?

Under the ETS, forest land is defined as being at least 1 hectare with forest species that has, or is likely to have, tree crown cover with an average width of more than 30% on each hectare.

Forest species are trees capable of reaching five metres in height at maturity in the place that they are growing, excluding tree species grown primarily for the production of fruit and nut crops.


What is pre-1990 forest land?

Pre-1990 forest is land that was in forest on 31 December 1989 and remained in predominantly exotic forest on 31 December 2007.  Indigenous forest is not subject to the rules of the ETS and therefore is not pre-1990 forest.


How many New Zealand Units (NZUs) are allocated to Crown forest licensed (CFL) land?

The Climate Change Response Act provided for 18 NZUs per hectare for eligible pre-1990 Crown Forest Licensed (CFL) land transferred on or after 1 January 2008.

Seven NZUs per hectare were transferred into the FEUT holding account in the first instance.  The remaining 11 NZUs/ha were transferred in 2013.

The table below summarises the number of NZUs allocated to each of the 47 forests and held on trust by FEUT.  Each forest also shows a map of the eligible pre-1990 forest land for which the allocation of NZUs applies.  This table is updated as the FEUT progresses through the application and allocation process.

The number of hectares of pre-1990 forest land for which the FEUT applied for NZUs is based on an independent analysis of eligible land undertaken by Indufor Asia Pacific.  For the most part the areas of pre-1990 forest land initially mapped by MAF GIS experts corresponded with the FEUT’s independent analysis.


Tree weed exemption for Karioi Forest

The FEUT applied to MAF for a Tree Weed Exemption over 140 hectares of land which had been cleared of Pinus contorta (lodgepole pine) and was also mapped as eligible pre-1990 forest land.  MAF advised that the application would be considered in early July 2012 and that any areas of Karioi Forest that received a Tree Weed Exemption would be deducted from the notice of final determination.  Consequently, decisions on the final allocation of NZUs for Karioi Forest and the transfer of NZUs into the FEUT Holding Account were not made until late July 2012.

Summary of forest areas and allocationdownload
Name and number of Crown Forest Licence Area in Licence as at Jan 2008 (Hectares) Pre-1990 Forest Area (Hectares) Pre-1990 Forest to Total Licence Area (%) Number of hectares applied for Eligible pre-1990 forest as assessed by MAF (Hectares) MAF's Final Determination (NZUs) Number of NZUs Transferred to FEUT Number of NZUs Distributed by FEUT Residual number of NZUs held by FEUT
ATHENREE (16)1,314.21975.7274.297697617,5686,832017568
AUPOURI (1)22,659.8020,726.1091.520,72620,726373,068145,0827896365172
ERUA (41)183.9083.8345.684841,51258801512
ESK (38)7,558.456,297.5883.36,2986,298113,36444,0861133640
GLENBERVIE (4)9,220.077,234.1178.57,2347,232130,17650,6240130176
GOLDEN BAY (52)392.08325.59833263265,8682,28258680
GOLDEN DOWNS EAST (54)17,622.8615,785.8789.615,75215,752283,536110,2642835360
GOLDEN DOWNS WEST (54)23,688.9819,404.3981.919,40419,404349,272135,82829622853044
GWAVAS (40)8,425.956,835.8581.16,8366,836123,04847,8520123048
HIRA (57)4,646.203,972.5485.53,9733,97371,51427,811715140
KARIOI (42)11,018.079,853.3789.49,8539,839174,58200174582
KAUAERANGA (13)347.32290.1283.52902905,2202,03005220
KAWEKA (39)7,521.766,798.2690.46,7986,798122,36447,5860122364
LISMORE HILL (44)4,848.734,677.2596.54,6774,67784,18632,7395543328753
LISMORE SAND (45)975.34940.4796.493994817,0666,63686528414
MANAKAU (49)448.50294.3265.62942945,2922,05805292
MANGAOKEWA (26)1,176.38754.6464.175575513,5905,285013590
MANGATU (34)12,475.9111,262.2190.311,26211,262202,71678,8340202716
MANGAWHAI SOUTH (6)753.99691.1991.773169012,4204,830124200
MARAMARUA (11)5,698.205,237.9791.95,2385,23894,28436,666094284
MOHAKA (37)15,484.7814,409.7193.114,22714,227256,08602560860
MOTUEKA (53)5,729.744,123.63724,1244,12374,21428,8613209042124
NGAUMU (51)14,722.0012,439.3684.512,43912,438223,88487,0660223884
OTANGAROA (2)3,821.362,742.0471.82,7422,74249,35619,194049356
PATUNAMU (36)4,083.233,924.3496.13,9243,92470,63227,468070632
PIRONGIA (24)298.72273.3591.52732734,9141,91104914
PUREORA NORTH (27)1,492.001,342.37901,3421,34224,1569,394797816178
QUEEN CHARLOTTE (58)2,674.941,891.2270.71,8891,88934,00213,2231983414168
RAI (56)9,233.528,016.9286.88,0178,015144,27056,1057817566095
RIVERHEAD (8)3,808.483,751.9798.53,7533,75367,55426,271675540
ROTOEHU WEST (17)3,450.002,335.5167.72,3362,31941,74216,233417420
RUATORIA (32)13,540.6412,130.8189.612,13112,131218,35802183580
SANTOFT (46)4,477.624,131.2592.34,2474,24776,44629,7295175024696
TAIRUA (15)12,888.7410,531.3781.710,53110,531189,55873,7170189558
TANGIMOANA (47)845.63817.5796.781881814,7245,726147240
TAWARAU (25)1,676.711,347.8980.41,3481,34824,2649,436024264
TE WERA (43)4,415.923,245.7373.53,2463,24658,42822,722058428
TOKOMARU (33)11,098.409,796.7088.39,7979,797176,34601763460
WAIHOU (14)1,899.391,526.5980.41,5271,52727,48610,689027486
WAIMEA (55)4,435.933,586.8480.93,5873,58764,56625,109645660
WAIRAU (59)9,453.508,596.2290.98,5968,594154,69260,1581546920
WAITANGI (3)2,224.722,009.0090.32,0092,00936,16214,063036162
WAITARERE (48)2,056.522,007.0497.62,0072,00736,12614,049036126
WHANGAMATA (60)286.34253.7088.62542544,5721,77804572
WHANGAPOUA (12)10,557.988,576.2981.28,6058,605154,89060,2350154890
WHARERATA (35)8,011.707,291.95917,3357,335132,03051,3451320300
WOODHILL (7)12,427.0010,697.1686.110,69710,697192,54674,879191952594
Last updated 28/11/2018